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America’s Community Management was built on the central philosophy that a property management company should not own or have a financial interest in any of the ancillary services provided to their client associations. To do so, creates a conflict of interest which is inescapable. America’s Community Management’s unyielding commitment to avoiding such conflicts is the basis of our success. Since its founding in 2004, America’s  Community Management has consistently provided the highest quality operational, financial and administrative management available anywhere in South Florida. With America’s Community Management as your management company, all the services provided to your Association will be by independent contractors selected through a competitive bidding process with the final selection resting always with the Board of Directors.We at America’s Community Management consider that successful community management is a joint venture between the management company and the Board of Directors wherein the Board sets financial, administrative and operational policies which the management company is charged to carry out. Management, in its turn, must contribute the benefit of its background, knowledge and experience in these areas and, most especially, in those complex matters which are regulated by the Association’s governing documents and applicable Florida Statues. In addition, our expertise in guiding Community Associations through the complex and critical process of turnover from developer to homeowner control is unsurpassed. America’s Community Management deals in performance not promises.